Bruna Saltelly

Watch as horny newcomer Bruna Saltelly gets hard for the camera at TS Dolls. Bruna is horny and loves making her fans lust for her, that isn’t hard to do when you see how sexy she is. Young and sexy, Bruna is a standout among a new generation of Brazilian shemales, eager to get nasty in hardcore transsexual adult. We’ll keep an eye out for this gorgeous queen.

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Agatha McCartney

Glamour girl Agatha McCartney shows off her huge tranny cock at tsdolls.comIt’s been a good year for fans of transsexual adult, and even though there are many reasons behind that statement, one glowing aspect is the return of Agatha McCartney. Agatha started working in adult movies about four years ago, she was a true bright spot when she entered the industry and now while returning in several hot scenes, her star shines even brighter. Agatha is a true natural beauty, a pretty and alluring face, a nice tight shapely body, and she also happened to be one of the most hung and horny t-girls you’ll ever see. One of the highlights this year was Agatha’s appearance in a hot gang-bang scene, which also features lovelies Mylla Pereira and gorgeous Tamarah Camargo. She also got herself off at the appropriately titled Mega Cock Tranny website, and now she is looking sexier than ever in the latest update at TS Dolls. Let’s hope Miss Agatha continues her modeling career from this point forward, she is certainly an adorable queen who is the desire of many men worldwide.

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Brazilian Glamour

Buxom Vivian Porto is a gorgeous and horny shemale from BrazilShe’s got superstar written all over her, and with the amount of work she’s been putting in on the porn stages of Brazil lately, I suspect Miss Vivian Porto is already quickly becoming a household name. Gorgeous from her head to her nicely pedicured toes, with all the right curves in between, Vivian is a glamour girl who is both alluring and sexual. Vivian is absolutely captivating in her latest solo shoot for TS-Latex wearing a skin tight blue dress, she slowly strips and strokes for the camera. You’ll also want to head over to Mega Cock Tranny where Vivian takes control in a super sexy hardcore scene. She may be feminine and demur, but Miss Vivian is also a hugely hung power top who knows how to get in position and fuck. Plus, you’ll have to see her cum-shot to believe it, well worth the price of admission. And you can be assured we’ll be seeing a lot more of Vivian Porto, definitely something to look forward to.

Top Transsexual

Sexy Thayna Louzada is a horny top and bottomThayna enjoys sex with men, women, and other t-girlsThayna is one of the worlds top shemale pornstars

She’s the most popular transsexual adult actress from Brazil, that’s saying a lot when you look at the level of glamour this country produces. Lovely Thayna Louzada has got it all, gorgeous, adorable, and a perfectly sexy body with a big fully functional tranny cock. Thayna is totally alluring, but it’s her passion for horny sex that sets this young glamour girl apart from the crowd. Her latest hardcore scene with Lavinny Albuquerque showcases Thayna as the cock hungry nympho slut she really is. Her solo modeling shoots for Shemale-Club feature her as the gorgeous glamour model, how absolutely gorgeous she is.


Paola Lima loves to fuck, but loves sucking dick and getting fucked even morePaola Lima is a very special girl, special in many ways. Firstly Miss Paola is a transsexual, which is special within’ itself, however in Paola case she possess’ a special look that is totally passable and extremely sexy. She is always in full glamour with a big gorgeous smile that is as infectuous as it is alluring, how could you not fall in love with a gorgeous and friendly smile such as Paolo’s. Another special quality of Paola is her svelte sexy body, there really isn’t anything about her perfect frame that gives the impression that Paola was once a man, in fact if you didn’t presently know that she has a big tranny cock under her dress, you’d swear she is a real woman.
There’s also something special about Paola’s eyes, they are deep and engaging and seem to be looking right into your soul. We also love how Paola presents herself, perfectly groomed with a nice manicure and pedicure, always nicely be-jeweled and she is certainly a very elegant young girl. Once thing is also very clear after you’ve seen some of Paola’s work, this is a truly horny young t-girls who loves what she does and seems to never be able to get enough sex.
Paola has appeared on most major transsexual websites and in several hot DVD’s, most recently her appearance on Shemales From Hell has the industry abuzz as we see Paola bring all her sexy in a one on one scene where she sucks and takes a big dick deep in her ass.

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Beautiful blond Brazilian shemale Mel Gaucho has sexual energy for daysMel Gaucho is a rare beauty, this platinum princess has got a perfect body, a huge cock, and is pretty as a peach. Mel is relatively new to the adult industry, but her appearances have already turned head among lovers of tranny porn, I must admit I’m quite smitten myself. Some of Mel’s more recent work include a hot three-way with the lovely Marcella Italy on Shemale-Club, as well as a hot solo at Private Transsexual. Mel has a very warm and bubbly personality, she seems to be very approachable if you were lucky enough to see her in a bar or club. Mel also has one of the most perfectly tight and sexy bodies we’ve ever seen on a t-girl, totally passable and alluring with her flowing blond hair. I certainly hope we see much more of Miss Mel Gaucho, she seems to be a t-girl on the rise, I know she is certainly giving a rise to all of her current fans and admirers…

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Hard body shemale Mel Gaucho in hardcore acton at Shemales From hellMel Gaucho sucks and fucks at Shemales From Hell


Shakira Maya takes hard dick bare back at bbtrannies.comEveryone likes unprotected sex, it’s not safe or suggested, but it feels good and is natural. It’s also a big turn on watching unprotected sex, bare back if you will. The adult industry takes every precaution towards the safety of it’s performers, and thus we have the pleasure of enjoying a site like BB Trannies, short for bare back trannies. BBTrannies has assembled some of the hottest and horniest t-girls for their kinky site, starting with blonde glamour girl Carla Renata. Gorgeous Carla Renata gets worshipped everywhere she goes. This blonde tgirl loves to tease the boys, and they love to be teased. When she went grocery shopping she found a horny guy watching her as she checked out the melons. Fernanda Barros is another kinky t-girl who loves taking naked dick up her ass. This brunette bombshell is a true cock hound. She loves stiff hard meat, and she goes on the prowl each and every night to find it. Tonight she found a dude that is just as horny as she is. She has him naked with his cock in her mouth within minutes of entering her apartment. She strokes her own cock as she gobbles his, but she wants more than that.

Sexy Kalena Rios loves bareback sexLong time porn queen Laura Ferraz loves fucking ass barebackSarah Costa doesn't use condoms when she fucksLusty Fernanda Barros prefers uncovered cock

Mesmerizing t-girl Sara Costa gets barebacked, this guy had one look and knew he had to have Sarah on the end of his cock. He wouldn’t take no for an answer and she liked his boldness so they ended up naked and in bed. They took turns licking, sucking and stroking, but he needed to fuck her. He fucked this beautiful tranny angel until she was moaning her pleasure to the world. Shakira Maya is a sizzling blond t-girl who gets rode raw. This horny punk wasn’t sure what to do, he had a shemale tiger by the tail, but she was gobbling him alive with her sexuality. She told him exactly how she wanted her she-meat sucked, and when he started to fuck her, she made sure he was condom free so she could feel his throbbing man meat as it destroyed her tight ass.
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Four horny glamour girls freak off togetherHave you ever fantasized about being with a gorgeous Brazilian shemale? Of course you have. Have you entertained thoughts of being with two beautiful Brazilian t-girls? I would hope so. Can you even begin to imagine being in a bed naked with FOUR drop dead gorgeous and horny Brazilian transsexuals? Well, thanks to the good folks at Wild Shemale Orgies, a gang-bang fantasy is certainly illustrated more vividly as they have assembled some of Brazil’s top glamour girls for a hot orgies full of fun and hot lusty action. Wild Shemale Orgies have put together a select list of shemale performers that read like a who’s who of tranny porn starlets. Glamour girls like Aline Ganzarolli, Kawana Di Prada, Nicolly Navarro, Bia Bastos, just to name a few. And as we all know when it comes to hot kinky sex, no one puts all the sexy out there like a horny Brazilian t-girl.

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Sexy Nicolly uses her big dick on all the girlsWhat makes Wild Shemale Orgies such a hot site is that the girls are genuinely enjoying themselves. Clearly the girls were hand picked for each scene and they are all good friends, and they’re all horny for each others body as well. Each scene starts out festive enough, four gorgeous glamour girls laying around in sexy lingerie, drinking champagne, eating grapes, laughing and having a good old time. it doesn’t take long before the bubbly goes to their heads and these shemale porn stars starts stripping out of there clothes and fondling one another. Then it simply hardcore sex from there on out, no holes are barred, literally. You’ll see tranny to tranny sucking, fucking, and each scene ends with hot loads of cum being shot. In one particular scene we have the ever gorgeous Paola Lima playing the slut role, she gets fucked hard by her three co-stars then simply lays back and takes all of their hot tranny cum all over her tits. One spectacular scene of note features four of the sexiest t-girls in the world, Nicolly Navarro, Patricia Sabatiny, Joy Spears, and the horniest t-girls of all, Walkyria Drumond. It would be useless to even attempt to put the action in this scene into words, you’ll simply have to go and see for yourself as it has left this reviewer completely speechless….

Braziian Glamour Girls in Hardcore Orgy Action

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Miss Camila Pryns a true transsexual legendI’m thrilled to present a true legend in Miss Camila Pryns, defining transexual glamour in every way with her beauty and her charm. Miss Camila is everything when it comes to transsexual glamour, her gorgeous looks and sexy allure are what every t-girl aspires to achieve. Camila has been working for many years as a model and adult actress, her resume is long with starring roles in many adult video’s and transsexual websites. Camila is so stunning in her most recent layout for Private Transsexual, you can hear her talk about life as a glamour girl and see all the awards she’s won as she talk about her life as a supermodel on the fashion circuit. You’ll be instantly captivated by Camila’s beauty and completely turned on when she see how horny this sexy glamour girl is. Camila loves sex with men, women, and other trannies, she turns down no hardcore roles that are offered to her.
Sexy Camila is all glamourCamila is alluringDrop dead gorgeous is how you would describe Miss Camila Pryns

Camila Pryns – GLAMOUR

Camila on braziliantranssexuals.comSome of Camila’s best work is on the popular transsexual site Brazilian Transsexuals, she can be seen enjoying sex with men, women, and other transsexuals. You’ll want to crawl into bed with Camila yourself, who wouldn’t. Brazilian Transsexuals is the website that gave Camila her start, Camila started doing porno before the site was even born, so her work there stands as some of her best, and most glamorous. Shemales From Hell is also another quality Brazilian site that features primarily couple and hardcore sex. This proves a perfect venue for sexy Camila, there is no gender off limits to her lusty desires.

Camila getting nasty with another t-girlCamila Pryns is a horny hung shemale

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Camila love modeling and showing off her stiff cockGorgeous Camila is also a ballroom showgirl

Camila on Brazilian Shemales Club

See sexy Camila at shemalesfromhell.comBrazilian Shemales Club is another very quality transsexual website, certainly featuring the ever gorgeous Miss Camila Pryns would be perfect evidence of their taste in sexy shemales. Camila is featured in crisp high resolution photo’s and high definition video’s, this is a hot site that also features some of the sexiest transsexuals in the world. If you like glamour girls with a lot extra, Miss Camila will most certainly satisfy your lusty need to shemale beauty. She has definitely satisfied me many times over…

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