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TS Jesse has been captivating audiences since she entered the adult industry four years ago with her first appearance on Shemaleyum, as well as other top transsexual websites. She has caused many an intense orgasm during that time and is picking up steam as she moves forward with each hot scene she films. If you haven’t been watching Jesse’s movies, and if you’re not currently a member of her hot erotic webstie, well then you simply haven’t been watching tranny porn. Let me introduce to you one of today’s top transsexual adult superstars, that is of course if what you’re looking for is to get turned on beyond belief and live out some of your horniest fantasies. If you’re already of fan of Miss Jesse, then sit back and get to know this lovely young glamour girl even further, as we find about Jesse’s life both on screen and off.

We sat down with Miss Jesse at the AVN Awards in Las Vegas last January, this transsexual superstar is very down to earth and genuine, a real class act. Jesse dedicates the majority of her time to her career, she maintains a healthy lifestyle with excercise and a good diet, she also stays horny 24/7. One would assume based on her lusty on screen performances that she has a vigorous sex drive, and that is very true. However, her intense need for sex does not end when the camera is turned off. Jesse told us when not making x-rated movies and if there are no men around to fulfil her kinky needs, she sometimes masturbates 7 to 10 times a day, each ending with a big hot load of cum. What is it that turn’s on a girl who’s been in just about every possible sexual situation you ask? Men, simply men. “I enjoy gay porn actually”, describes Jesse, “I Love men, that’s all I like to see, so gay porn is perfect for me”. That suits us just fine Jesse…

TS-Jesse is the official website of this gorgeous superstar, Jesse features herself in a variety of sexual situations including solo, one on one, and groups. Another wonderful feature of TS-Jesse is a segment called ‘Fan Fuxx‘, which features Jesse in intimate action with her adoring fans. Not many girls are doing this on their sites and Jesse finds it to be an ideal situation; “Working with my fans gives me the opportunity to give back to them, help them live out their ultimate fantasies. They aren’t just doing it for a paycheck like an actor, they really dream about being with me and its fun to fulfill those fantasies. They are quite eager to please me also, haha!” What types of guys qualify to be on screen with a true porn superstar? “Different types of guys with different body types, ages 18-45, so even the average Joe gets to be with me in this series. I’m in production of series 3 now, fans have been asking me to travel more to shoot these, hopefully soon I can!” We had to ask Jesse one questions we felt certain was on the minds of many of her fans and admirers, and that is what is the exact size of your magnificent cock? “My cock varies depending on how turned on I get. On average it’s about 9″, but can get as big as 10″ plus if I’m super turned on!” It certainly looks much bigger to us, but how is it that you’re able to shoot such huge exciting loads all over the faces of your co-stars? “I don’t take any hormones so I’m fully functional, I have a extremely high sex drive so I’m always ready. I try to eat healthy with lots of fruit and water, I also don’t drink, smoke, or do drugs, so that is definitely a key”. Definitely another key to her success, we here at Trans-Glam Productions applaud a healthy disciplined lifestyle, especially among t-girls. We also learned that everything Jesse does on screen, she also enjoys doing in her private life. So if you’re a horny guy looking to fulfil your own porn star desires, give Jesse a call and see if you may be the next lucky one to appear in Fan Fuxx.

Jesse’s latest DVD ‘Transsexual Superstar Vol. 1’ has just been released and is already turning guys on all around the world. Jesse also offered her production skills to the project, “My favorite scene was my Nightmare on Elm St re-imagining, it was fun to shoot. I love being creative and doing things others don’t do. I came up with the idea, the costume, and the script as well. I really enjoy the process of producing and directing, this was the first major costumed story scene I got to direct”. We love the direction in which Jesse’s career is taking, we also have high hopes Transsexual Superstar will quickly become a classic, we fully expect it will. Jesse has already received nomination for the AVN Awards in the ‘best transsexual performer’ category, both in 2008 and 2009. This reviewer feels it is only a matter of time before her mantle becomes filled with awards and accolades, there is definitely no stopping this girl.

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