Tara Emory

Alley Trash

Tara Emory takes her sexy to a new level with a new kinky update called 'Alley Trash'In an era where young sexy queens are making a name for themselves, then disappearing as quickly as they arrived in transsexual adult, one girl has maintained her sexy and allure non-stop.

The lovely and animated Tara Emory is a true survivor, she’s been at the forefront of the shemale sex scene from the beginning and she’s done it all her way. You’ll see a lot of solo shemale websites run by major companies, but Tara Emory has owned and operated her site by herself with no let up in quality or content.

Tara also is responsible for making her own costumes as well, which in addition to her natural beauty and sex appeal, is one of the more unique aspects of this glamour girls appeal. Simply put, Tara Emory is legend, she turn you on and bring you off with her special brand a shemale fantasy.

Her site contains over ten years worth of unique original content, and plenty of cum-shots to enjoy. That’s the other wonderful thing about Tara, she’s hung and fully functional, and for $19.95 per month recurring membership, it’s simply the best deal in town. Enjoy Tara Emory in all her exotic hand made costumes complete with hard dick and cum-shots, not to mention Tara’s cock ring and wide selection of butt plugs and didloe’s.

Tara Models Her Exotic Costumes, Hard Dick And Cumshots

TS Tara EmoryTS Tara EmoryTS Tara EmoryTS Tara Emory

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