Thayna Louzada – Jhony Wilker

Thayna Louzada is the next generation of shemale superstarsIt’s safe to say when transsexual sex goddess Jhony Wliker was starting her modeling career, Thayna Louzada was a pre pubescent boy at home putting on make-up and trying on girls clothes. As luck would have it, young Miss Thayna learned her feminization lessons well, then headed straight to the porn stage when she became of age. Jhony Wilker has always been a glowing example of glamour, sexy, and feminine allure. Jhony is a well respected veteran model and actress for many years, she is also one of the genuinely horny t-girls in the business. The pairing of these two horny shemales was made possible by Frank of Frank’s T-Girl World, during his lastest visit to Brazil Frank cast what could be billed as the teacher and the student. It’s not likely however that Thayna had much to learn in the ways of hot sex, during her brief career as an adult actress she has amassed a lengthy and quite impressive resume.

Jhony Wilker cums all over ThaynaIf you’re not familiar with the work of Miss Jhony Wilker, well you simply have never watched tranny porn. Jhony is a buxom beauty with an incredible body, full plumps tits, gorgeous big ass, and her cock is simply huge. Thayna has yet to meet a cock too big for her to devour, and when Jhony lays back by the pool and spreads her legs, Thayna goes to work and simply swallows Jhony cock like it is her last meal. The action is hot and genuine, Thayna loves taking Jhony’s huge cock deep in her horny tranny hole, and clearly Jhony is thrilled to working with this horny young upstart. It would seem the torch is being passed, the next generation of transsexuals is in good hands with the gorgeous and horny Thayna Louzada. Don’t miss this hot scene at Frank’s T-Girl World…

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