Venus Lux

Quartet Of Cocks

Venus Lux is horny for hard dick and gets four at once at venus-lux.comThe ever sexy Venus Lux figured four cocks a day should keep the urges away, but those of us that know how horny this lusty glamour girl is, suspect she might possibly slip in a fifth or sixth before the day ends.

For those that perhaps don’t know, Venus runs one of the hottest and horniest solo websites on the market. The updates come fast and furious and each one represents fantasies that Venus wants to share with you.

Fine by us as Venus has long been a tgirl we simply can’t get enough of, the more of her sexy, the better. And if a motto was to coined in this case, it would be “one Venus Lux per day should keep my hard-on away”. Our suggestion is good luck with that, the more Venus the better is what we say.

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Four Cocks For VenusFour Cocks For VenusFour Cocks For VenusFour Cocks For Venus

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