Myla West


Hot new black t-girl Myla West showing her big dickShe’s quick to talk about her bloodline, she’s part Dominican, Cuban, Brazilian, and there’s even some Puerto Rican thrown into the mix. All these hot spanish spices add up to one big Caribbean Fire, here in the form of Miss Myla West. Miss Myla is a glowing example of the new breed of young t-girls entering the adult industry in recent times, sexy, alluring, and horny as hell. Myla is a special girl, she’s from Bronx NY and quite new to the scene. Having just completed her first scenes for Black T-Girls, Myla looks like a burgeoning modeling career is in her future. Miss Myla has some alluring attributes, this young glamour girl is simply drop dead gorgeous, she’s pretty, has deep inviting eyes, luscious full lips, and her dimples are irresistible when she smiles. Once you’re captivated by Myla’s beauty, just sit back and take a look at the sexy strip show she put on, this girl has a body that is tight and svelte with a deep copper skin tone that is as smooth as silk.

Myla West has a full stiff 8 inch cock and cums like a volcanoMyla admits that she loves sex, and loves to suck cock. “Just take a look at these lips” she suggests, and you’ll have a hard time not imagining they are wrapped around you own stiff member. And speaking of stiff members, Miss Myla is in possession of a true 8 inch plus “pussy stick” as she describes it, which she gets hard as a rock and makes it erupt like a volcano. There’s much more to this up and coming glamour girl than just the bump and grind, Miss Myla is an adorable and down to earth girl who has a golden personality and is very sweet. You can get to know a lot more about Myla West by subscribing to Black T-Girls to view her first ever modeling sets. You’ll be very glad you joined and along with hundreds of other ebony t-girls, Black T-Girls offers a wide variety of alluring talent…

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