Queen Sheeba

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Transexual Glamour girl Sheeba Starr is a gorgeous veteran supermodel bringing more sexy than everIf you’ve been watching tranny porn for more than five years you’ve probably had the pleasure of seeing Sheeba Starr. If you’re new to the genre or simply haven’t done your research, now is the time to become aware of a true transexual glamour girl and marquee actress. I first became aware of Sheeba through her appearances on Bob’s T-Girls as well as Black T-Girls, needless to say I was captivated from the start. Sheeba’s return to Black T-Girl’s is a fresh look into a girl who has continued to grow and has maintained her gorgeous looks, which is not always easy to do as t-girls age. This is not to say that Miss Sheeba is old, she was young when she entered the business and by all appearances doesn’t seem to have aged one bit. When asked what her favorite physical attribute is Sheeba explained that her sexy ass is what she’s most proud of, I couldn’t agree more on that. But to examine the whole being of Miss Sheeba, there doesn’t seem to be a flaw anywhere on her gorgeous frame.

Sheeba's ass is her favorite physical attribute, it's hard to argue thatSheeba appears in two video segments for Black T-Girls and the first scene has her giving an extensive interview, Sheeba answers a myriad of different questions ranging from sex to politics. You’ll quickly realize Sheeba an intelligent and self sufficient girl with a very down to earth personality, I came away knowing this is definitely a girl that would be fun to hang out with and spend time with. Miss Sheeba also mention she is has been working on her own personal website that will be launching soon, so we have a whole lot to look forward to from this gorgeous and vibrant shemale sensation. Bottom line is you’d be a fool not to enjoy this ravishing and hugely hung beauty, join Sheeba now…

If you like the best in transexual glamour, you’ll adore one of the sweetest and sexiest t-girls ever, Miss Sheeba Starr new on Black T-Girls.

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