Sexxxy Jade


Jade is a sweet sourthern belle with hot nasty sexual desiresDo you want to know who is bringing the glamour? Do you want to know who is the total package, sexy and cool, and with more sexual energy than you could ever handle? Well you don’t have to look no further, one of the top transsexual porn stars is also the sweetest and sexiest t-girls you’ll ever see, I’m talking Miss Sexxxy Jade. Sexxxy Jade has been going none stop since she arrived on the scene in full glamour, this sexy southern belle is showing no signs of slowing and her adoring fans would have it no other way. There is not much Jade hasn’t done in the adult entertainment industry, but I suspect the best is yet to come. Jade has performed on every major transsexual porn site as well as many major DVD releases, she works with men, women, and other transsexuals and always is a standout in her scenes. Jade has also walked the red carpet at the AVN awards, her personal website has been nominated for best solo website, and she is always sitting at the top of the list of best transsexual performers year after year.

Sexxxy Jade is gorgeous with non stop sexual energyIn addition to being well known in internet circles, Sexxxy Jade is also one of the most accessible and approachable t-girls. Jade can’t sit still too long and spends a good deal of her time throughout the year traveling from city to city, constantly working and meeting her fans along the way is what drives this gorgeous glamour girl who is originally based and currently resides in Atlanta, GA. It would not be uncommon to see Miss Jade out and about in cities like Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas, and even in Canada. You’re not likely to meet a more down to earth and pleasant girl, Jade has a golden personality and is rarely seen without a big glowing smile on her face. However, don’t simply be captivated by how adorable and beautiful Miss Jade is, be aware that this is one of the most sexual transsexuals on the planet. Jade is by no means in the adult entertainment industry strickly for the notoriety, or the fame of it all. No, this glamour girl definitely has a passion and lust for sex, and she is perfectly equipped with a smokin’ body and a horny 9 inch tool. And if you’re on of the lucky ones that gets to spend some intimate time with Miss Jade, be ready to have your word rocked!

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