Rising Star


Sexy shemale Melanie shows off her huge cock at shemaleyum.comBecoming a popular porn star is a job all onto itself, becoming a girl is another special journey that also requires hard work and dedication. Some girls start in the industry pre transformation, others wait until they have developed their look. Here are some hot new t-girls relatively new to the industry, but packing a whallup for sure.

First up is a lovely young hispanic girl from New York City, simply known as Melanie. Melanie is not only new to adult modeling, but she has just recently made her transition. Going from a cute boy to a full blown glamour girl was an easy transition for Melanie, her pretty boyish looks and soft skin made Miss Melanie completely passable after her transition. Melanie thus far has been solely featured on Shemaleyum, but certainly the sky is the limit for this gorgeous brunette. Melanie started her modeling career in drag, and now it’s amazing to see how alluring and sexy she has become.

There are so many spectacular aspects to Melanie’s beauty, her gorgeous innocent looks, her sexy body with fully enhanced ass. Certainly she is wearing her new implants with aplomb, but if you look deeper into Melanie’s nature, you’ll find that her huge tranny cock is hard to overlook. Melanie is one of the most well endowed transsexuals, her huge shemale love pole is easily 11″ with a firm and sturdy girth. And if having a supersized tranny cock wasn’t enough, Melanie can shoot off like a shemale Peter North. You’ll surely fall in love with with this hot t-girl sensation, expect a lot more sexy and kinky from Miss Melanie. Be certain to check out all of Melanie’s galleries at Shemaleyum, she becomes more beautiful with each passing layout and video…

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